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UK's Top Rated 10” Hoverboards

Are you considering a hoverboard as a means of transport? Don’t settle for anything less than 10”. 10” hoverboards can be considered the SUVs of all the boards and it's all because of the larger wheels. A lifted body and 10” top quality tubeless tires will get you a smoother ride, no matter the service. You’ll be able to drive over curbs, through mud, snow, grass and all sorts of other rough terrains without much effort. Unless you use a 10” hoverboard, you’ll be restricted to smooth and easy surfaces only.

Transport with a hoverboard is easy. It is allowed in most public spaces because it only leaves tracks about as wide as your shoulders, however, it may be necessary to check regulations, just in case. As a transportation device, the 10” Hoverboard authentic CE Certified Li-Ion Battery Cells add substantial value to your device. Estimated charging time is between 1 to 2 hours and a fully charged battery should take you about 12.5 miles before you need to recharge. The cells can be recharged more than 2000 times. With its low energy consumption and carbon footprint that’s nearly invisible, you’ll be able to enjoy easy, cheap, convenient and guilt-free traveling with your 10” Hoverboard. With a top speed of 10 miles per hour, you’ll get to your destination in time and because 10” hoverboards go wherever you want it to go, you won’t get stuck in traffic or rough terrains.

10” Hoverboards comes standard with a CE Certified charger, carry bag, remote key, and user manual. Don’t worry if you’ve never used a hoverboard before - they are very easy to operate and most users go from complete newbie to comfortable traveler in about 15 minutes. 10” Hoverboards can carry up to 265 lb with ease however it is recommended that heavier travelers use caution.

Each of the 10” hoverboard two tubeless 10” wheels is controlled by its own third-generation super-intelligent circuit board, accelerometer, gyroscope sensor and 350 W motor. The device is equipped with short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overcharging and discharging protection, and for the convenience, entertainment and protection of the rider, it also equipped with a Bluetooth Sound System and LED lights.

The whole world is buzzing about hoverboards and it's with good reason. Happy hoverboard owners agree: hoverboards are huge fun, easy to use and very convenient. As a means of transportation, hoverboards are highly economical, practical, safe, convenient and comfortable. The 10” SUV Hoverboard is certainly the perfect choice as a means of transport. Just get up and go without stopping for any obstacles like grass, mud, curbs and snow. While the rest of the world will still be stuck in traffic and searching for parking, you’ll already be waiting at your destination. Go where no other hoverboards go, and beat the challenges of conventional transport while you are having fun. The 10” Hoverboard is the perfect solution for easy and convenient transport.