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UK's Top Rated 6.5” Hoverboards

It’s fun, it’s easy and hoverboards are the gizmos of the future. Haven’t got one yet? It’s time to catch up! 6’5” hoverboards are the size to start with. They are light and easy to pick up and carry over your shoulder whenever it’s not used for traveling or tricks. Like many happy hoverboard customers agree: 6.5” hoverboards are the perfect gift, especially for younger riders.

6.5” hoverboards have solid, top-quality 6.5” wheels that make them lighter than the other sizes and perfect for younger children, short distance traveling and doing tricks. At a weight of only 22 lb, and an included neat carry case, you can enjoy your board and afterward just pick it up and continue life. All hoverboards can load up to 265 lb but younger riders usually find smaller boards easier to use.

Happy customers have concluded that 6.5” hoverboards are the perfect gifts and it’s easy to see why. A variety of colors and designs are available, making it easy to find a board that fits that gift wish list perfectly. 6.5” hoverboards come with build in Bluetooth sound systems and LED lights.

Safety always comes first. Previous hoverboard generations became infamous for battery issues but the 6.5” hoverboard Authentic UL Certified Li-Ion Battery Cells (4400mAh) should put your mind to rest. Whether you are planning to use the board yourself or offer it as a gift, the rider will be absolutely safe with new and improved certified battery technology. 6’5” hoverboards are also equipped with short circuit protection and overcharging protection to protect the driver and lengthen the battery life of the device. Each of the two tubeless 6.5” wheels is controlled by their own precision circuit board and 350 W power motor.

6.5” Hoverboards can carry a maximum weight of 265 lb. The size of the board is 21.6” x 7.3” x 7.0” and weighs 22lb. Speeds up to 10 miles per hour can be reached using a hoverboard and a fully charged battery can drive up to 12.5 miles. Charging time is estimated between one and two hours and the premium quality built-in battery can be recharged more than 2000 times.

Traveling with 6.5” hoverboards are restricted to smooth, wide terrains but these small boards are the darlings fo the hoverboard tricks world. Small wheels add to the maneuverability of 6.5” boards and you’ll be able to impress bystanders with your skills in no time. Anyone can use hoverboards and although it is recommended for children older than 12 years of age, 6.5” hoverboards are enjoyed by young and old alike. Children as young as 8 years old are driving like pro’s - with adult supervision of course.

6.5” hoverboards really are the perfect gift, and thousands of happy customers agree. If you are looking for a fun and safe gift that will be remembered forever, just choose a 6.5” hoverboard in the color of the receiver’s choice and you will certainly be remembered for life.